About us

Academic Research Editors provides high quality English language editing services to academics. We bring together highly qualified and experienced editors who are all British, native English speakers and PhD educated. We have expertise in a wide range of subject areas and provide a bespoke service to researchers who wish to ensure that their research stands out from the crowd. We work closely with authors in order to maximise the potential for articles to be accepted for publication in leading journals and by leading publishing houses.

We specialise in working with customers for whom English is not a first language and our editors are experienced in being able to clarify how an argument is expressed in English. We also, however, work with native English speaking academics who wish to have their work reviewed by experienced and independent experts. In what is now an extremely competitive international research environment, where high impact research increasingly underpins future research grants and career progression, we make sure our customers have the edge.

There are four distinguishing features which underpin our service:

  • High quality proofreading and copy editing by native English speakers with doctorates;
  • Detailed, constructive, feedback;
  • A bespoke relationship with our customers and an absolute willingness to work closely with customers to ensure that manuscripts are revised fully to meet their requirements;
  • Prices which are highly competitive for the type of service we provide.