Prices and payments

Our pricing structure is straightforward and gives maximum flexibility for our customers to choose the level of service that they require at a price that is both highly competitive and clear up-front. Although there are cheaper proofreading only services available online we are confident that we offer the best value for a full editing and academic review service by British, native English speaking, PhD educated academics. If you want to be published in English and you are not a native English speaker do not be duped into engaging a proofreading only service, especially from providers that are not specialists in academic writing – your manuscript is likely to need the kind of thorough, academically informed, review that we provide.

Pricing is based on a combination of the extent of editing required, the length of the manuscript and the desired turnaround time.

We offer a proofreading service and a full editing service. Our normal turnaround time is 7 days, although in practice manuscripts are often returned more quickly than this. For urgent jobs (up to 5,000 words in length) we also offer a 48 hour service. Costs are calculated at a per word rate depending upon the above parameters.

You can get an instant quote for your work by using our price calculator.

You can also use our pricing structure chart to help you decide what level of service you require for your budget.

Manuscripts in excess of 10,000 words in length (e.g. PhD theses or books) will be priced on a case by case basis. Please email us at for details.