Payment options

For ease of comparison internationally our prices are quoted in US dollars. If paying though any of our online payment facilities you will automatically be billed the correct amount in your local currency.

Debit or Credit Card Payments

Online payments are processed securely through our payment services provider Paypal. Paypal is the world leader in online payments and provides one of the most secure payment platforms available, ensuring that you can be confident that your details are entirely safe when you make a transaction. Further details of Paypal’s online security are available here.

You do not need a Paypal account to pay for our services through Paypal. Paypal will process your credit or debit card payment using its secure systems, incorporating full fraud protection. When you reach the Paypal checkout page simply click the link on the Paypal payment page which reads “Don’t have a Paypal account”. You then enter your details in order to pay by credit or debit card.

Using a Paypal account

If you have a Paypal account you can elect to pay online through this account without needing to enter card information or other personal details. If you use our site regularly you are likely to find it more convenient to open a Paypal account. Opening a Paypal account is very straightforward and provides an extremely secure means of online payment. Open a Paypal account here.

Bank Transfer

If you prefer to pay by bank wire transfer contact us at once you have submitted your documents, quoting the reference number that you will have received by email. We will email you an invoice, normally within 24 hours, confirming the amount owed and providing our UK bank account details. Please note that the invoice will convert our US dollar rate into UK pounds sterling, since payments made directly into our bank account are received in pounds sterling.

Bank transfers typically involve fees on both ends of the transaction: origination fees are charged by (your) originating bank and receipt fees are charged by the recipient bank. These fees also cover additional charges levied by intermediary banks during the transfer process. Origination fees should be paid by the originator (i.e. you) when setting up the transfer, not deducted from the balance due to Academic Research Editors. When you select bank transfer as your method of payment, an additional $25 (£15) will be added to your invoice to cover the receipt fees we are charged by the receiving bank. It is your responsibility to ensure that the fund transfer amount (after your origination fee) amounts to the full balance owed, including the added $25 (£15) receipt fee.

It is your responsibility to confirm with your bank that the amount you send is sufficient to pay the full amount of our invoice, taking into account any bank charges that might be levied.

Please also note that work on your manuscript will not commence until monies have been received into our account. This can take several days and we will only start counting your work towards our seven day and 48 hour service turnaround times once payment has been received.

Other payment options

In some circumstances we will accept payment by Western Union, or similar international money transfer services. Please contact us at for further details. Please note, however, that decisions about accepting payment through money transfer services are made on a case-by-case basis and such decisions are entirely at our discretion.

Please also note that work on your manuscript will not commence and we will only start counting your work towards our seven day and 48 hour service turnaround times once payment has been received.

We also offer a variety of account options. Any customer can apply to establish a balance account with us. This can be useful if you wish to avoid making multiple online payments or bank transfers or if you need to spend research funds prior to an impending deadline. Established customers or institutions / departments in good standing with us may also apply to establish a credit account whereby payment will be invoiced on a monthly basis or once the outstanding balance reaches a pre-set level.