Pricing structure

Our prices are based on a combination of the extent of editing required, the length of the manuscript and the desired turnaround time:

FeaturesProofreadingFull editing
Typographical errors
Stylistic consistency
Formatting consistency
Refinement of word choices for style
Rephrasing of text whose meaning is unclear
Structural amendments for logic, relevance and clarity
Word reduction
Reference list checking*
Journal formatting†
Certificate of proofreading
Certificate of editing
Academic review report
Price (Standard 7 day service)$0.021 per word$0.05 per word
Price (Express 48 hour service)$0.031 per word$0.075 per word

*References are checked for consistency of format and accuracy. Relevance of the citation is not checked.

Text can be formatted to the requirements of particular journals if these are supplied with the submitted manuscript.

Repeat editing through the article submission process is included in the price of the full editing service (e.g. where the draft has been amended following comments by peer reviewers). Manuscripts will be accepted for repeat editing free of charge provided not more than 40% of the text has changed compared to the first version edited by us, and provided the word count of the draft has not increased by more than 20%.

Standard – 7 day – Service

ProofreadingFull Editing
Price per word$0.021$0.05
Price per thousand words$21$50

Express – 48 hour – Service

ProofreadingFull Editing
Price per word$0.031$0.075
Price per thousand words$31$75