Services overview

We offer two levels of service – basic proofreading and full copy editing. We also offer two service timescales – a seven day service and a 48 hour service. 48 hours is our minimum turnaround time since we ask our editors always to review their own editing with fresh eyes the next day in order to ensure the quality of the finished work.

More information about what is included in each of these editing levels can be accessed by following the links on this page, and is also summarised in the table below. In essence, however, whilst the proofreading service is limited to checking the grammar, spelling and formatting of a manuscript, the full editing service provides a more in-depth structural review.

FeaturesProofreadingFull editing
Typographical errors
Stylistic consistency
Formatting consistency
Refinement of word choices for style
Rephrasing of text whose meaning is unclear
Structural amendments for logic, relevance and clarity
Word reduction
Reference list checking*
Journal formatting†
Certificate of proofreading
Certificate of editing
Academic review report
Price (Standard 7 day service)$0.021 per word$0.05 per word
Price (Express 48 hour service)$0.031 per word$0.075 per word

*References are checked for consistency of format and accuracy. Relevance of the citation is not checked.

Text can be formatted to the requirements of particular journals if these are supplied with the submitted manuscript.

Document format and editing tools

We use Microsoft Word for our editing and therefore ask that all documents are supplied in Word format. Your document will be returned to you with the text amended using Word’s “track changes” function. This enables you to see the textual changes that the editor has suggested clearly, and allows you to decide whether you wish to accept these changes or not. In other words, all changes that we suggest are easily reversible if you do not agree with them. Track changes also allows you to toggle between seeing your document in its original form (as written by you) or in its amended form. If you are not familiar with the track changes function we will be happy to provide guidance in its use.

Your document will also include comments in the margins where our editor wishes to make suggestions, ask questions or explain why they have made a particular change.

What you receive once editing is completed

You will receive your edited manuscript in the same Word format in which you supplied it to us. This will include the amendments and comments in track changes as described above.

You will also receive a certificate of proofreading or a certificate of editing (depending on the level of service you opted for). Since many editors and peer reviewers now suggest professional editing as a matter of course for articles that they receive, authors often find it helpful to submit our certificate to journal editors at the start of the submission process, together with their manuscript, as confirmation that this work has already been carried out.

Finally, if you have selected our full editing service, you will receive a report identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the article (in the opinion of our editors and academic consultants). For more information on our academic review please see the full editing page.

Other points to note

By default we proofread and edit to standard British English. If you wish your work to be edited to American English please stipulate this when submitting your manuscript. For our editing service, if you wish us to follow a particular style guide (e.g. APA) then please state this. Similarly, if you wish us to follow a particular journal’s style then, if possible, include the journal’s guide as an attachment with your submission or provide us with a link to the journal’s online style guide.

Please be aware that the 48 hour service is limited to a maximum of 5,000 words and that the prices quoted for both the proofreading and the full editing services are valid up to a maximum of 10,000 words.

We are very happy to undertaken longer work – indeed we have considerable experience in editing books and PhD theses. If you have a piece of work that needs editing which is longer than 10,000 words please contact us at so that we can discuss your requirements further and provide you with a tailored quotation.

Institutional Customers

Institutions and research groups that wish to use our services for multiple articles on a regular basis are encouraged to contact us at so that we can discuss your requirements further and provide you with a tailored quotation.