Quality guarantee

We do not guarantee that a manuscript will be accepted for publication

No editing service can guarantee that a manuscript will be accepted for publication. There are many reasons why manuscripts may be rejected.

Sometimes, of course, there may be fundamental intellectual flaws in the argument that make it unsuitable for publication. Although our editors make every effort to ensure that your ideas are structured and articulated as clearly as possible and although they will identify any weaknesses in the research for your consideration, it is unethical for them substantively to alter the research itself. If the research is fundamentally flawed there is a limit to how much an editing service can correct this. It is worth remembering, however, that journal editorial boards exercise academic judgement in relation to whether they consider an article to be worthwhile. Often the judgement of one journal’s board differs from that of another so, if your manuscript is rejected initially, this does not mean that it will be rejected by other editorial boards.

It is worth giving careful consideration to which journal you submit your manuscript. Journals often have formal or informal editorial policies that may preclude many articles from acceptance.

However, we can guarantee that your work won’t be rejected purely for poor English or confused articulation

Our full editing service comes with a guarantee of a full refund if your manuscript is rejected for publication purely on grounds of poor English. We will also re-edit the work for free.

This guarantee is valid if all of the below apply:

  1. You supplied the editor with our certificate of editing.
  2. You accepted all of the English, stylistic, formatting and structural amendments suggested by our editors and, where applicable, by the publisher’s peer reviewers.
  3. You have not made substantive changes to the manuscript since it was last edited by us.
  4. The manuscript was rejected explicitly and purely on the grounds that the expression of the argument in English was unacceptable.

In order to evidence each of these criteria it is advisable to save a copy of any emails in which the article was submitted, including verifiable attachments of the certificate of editing and the version of the document originally submitted. It is also advisable to retain correspondence with the editorial board of the journal.

If you wish to claim a refund on the basis of this guarantee simply email us at customerservice@academic-editors.com with the emails and attachments specified above. Your claim will be forwarded to an independent editor, who was not involved in the original editing, for assessment as to whether it meets criteria 1 – 4 above. If so, your refund and re-edit will be processed expeditiously.