Why use us

The value of professional editing is increasingly being recognised in the academic community. In 2010 Nature noted that scientists are increasingly turning to professional editing services like Academic Research Editors in order to maximise their chances of publication in the leading journals. With research becoming increasingly international and collaborative, and with ever more emphasis on publication as a measure of career success, competition for acceptance of manuscripts by leading journals and publishers is now intense.

A further incentive for academics to consider professional editing services is that they save time. Across the world academics and researchers face increasingly complex and varied demands on their time. Paradoxically, therefore, many academics find that whilst the expectation to produce “perfect” research has increased, the time available to achieve that perfection has decreased. It is this gap between expectation and reality that Academic Research Editors can help to fill. Everyone who writes knows that the final stage of a work – taking it from 90% complete to 100% perfect – is often the most time consuming part. We at Academic Research Editors are highly experienced at providing the specialist input needed to ensure that the work you submit is indeed as good as it can be.

As well as saving time, our editors are able to offer you a valuable second opinion on your work. It is very difficult for writers, after perhaps weeks or months spent refining a text, to spot errors in that text and, especially, to judge whether the argument and phrasing are as clear as they can be. This is true even for native speakers of a language and it is doubly true for non-native speakers. The completely independent and experienced review offered by our editorial services is a chance for your work to benefit from a “fresh pair of eyes” prior to submitting it for publication.

Given the time involved (often years) and the total costs of a research project, the cost of professional editing is remarkably small when compared to the enormous benefits that can be gained in terms of getting the work published in a journal in which it can have a real impact. In addition, many universities and grant giving bodies consider professional editing to be an allowable research expense, which can be claimed back from university or other research funds.

In summary Academic Research Editors can:

  • Make your research clearer, more focused and more elegantly articulated so that it has the edge against its competitors when being considered for publication;
  • Save you time in getting your work into a form ready for submission;
  • Save you time by reducing the amount of re-editing after submission;
  • Provide a valuable, independent, second opinion on your work;
  • Provide a professional service at a reasonable cost.